• People We Treat - Teenagers


Everyone benefits from seeing the chiropractor, even teenagers. As teenagers grow their bodies undergo many significant hormonal and physiological changes that affect not only their physiology but also their posture. Most teens do not complain of back pain, but should still have regular wellness adjustments. This is because a chiropractor can help prevent future problems while helping teens have better posture and prevent sport injuries.

Here are the three main reasons why your teen should see a chiropractor today:

1)      Poor Posture Habits Have Set In: We know that you probably remind your teen to sit or stand up straight at least once a day. While they may not see the negative side effects of their slouching now, they will definitely feel it later on in life. Having regular chiropractic treatments can help promote better posture and even fix any misalignments that occurred from poor posture and long periods of sitting at school. Of course, getting an adjustment does not automatically mean your teen will have perfect posture but it may encourage them to sit or stand up a little straighter.

2)      They Carry a Heavy Load: School backpacks just keep getting heavier. Whether it is the teacher’s fault or your child’s fault for an overloaded backpack, a chiropractor can help fix any issues a heavy load could have caused. Being properly aligned also helps prevent back injuries. If you worry about your teen’s back, see your local chiropractor and remember your teen should not be carrying more than 10% of his or her own weight. This applies to their backpack, laptop bag, and gym bag too.

3)      If They Play Sports: Even though your young athlete may not play sports after they complete their schooling, it is important to keep their physical health in mind. There are many individuals who complain of injuries and pain that stemmed from playing high school sports. This doesn’t mean you should pull your child off their sports team. Instead, make time for regular adjustments. Regular adjustments can help them play better, help them feel better, and prevent injuries.