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Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy has been shown to be both safe and effective, and there is a growing body of evidence on the positive effects it can have for both mother and baby.

Some of the benefits of chiropractic care for an expectant mother may include:

–          Significantly reduced labour time

–          More comfortable delivery

–          Less stressful pregnancy

–          Decrease in the use of pain medication during delivery

–          Increased stabilization of spinal and pelvic posture

–          Prevention of damage to a woman’s neuro-musculoskeletal structure

The hormones of pregnancy that serve to soften ligaments and soft tissues to ease the birth process also decrease the stability of the spine and pelvic joints, which can give rise to pain and discomfort. In addition, the rapid growth of the baby causes an anterior displacement of the centre of gravity increasing the stress on the lumbar spine and pelvis. Spinal stability becomes harder to maintain as pregnancy progresses and spinal subluxations can occur.

Subluxations  often result in disturbances of the nervous system that can cause various ailments in pregnant women such as lower back pain, sciatica, nausea, high blood pressure, cervical-brachial neuralgia, neuralgia paresthetica, pubic pain, dizziness, etc. Proper nervous system health during pregnancy is crucial not only for the mother but also for the optimum development of the baby.

As the baby develops, the uterus enlarges to accommodate this rapid growth. When the pelvis is imbalanced the ligaments connected to the uterus become twisted, limiting the space of the developing baby. This condition is known as intra-uterine constraint and can cause conditions such as congenital torticollis, breach presentation and a more painful, slower labour. Difficult labour is something every woman wants to avoid as it can lead to medical interventions which can be traumatic for mother and child. Chiropractic is a safe and natural method that can benefit any pregnant women right up until the time of delivery. It restores balance to your pelvic muscles and ligaments and therefore leads to a safer and easier delivery for you and your baby.