• People We Treat - Children


We believe that chiropractic care is necessary for children of all ages. By their nature many kids are constantly encountering physical trauma – it is estimated that a child from 0-5 years old falls on average 5000 times. Over time, repeated physical trauma to young spines is likely to result in subluxations that may not be evident at first, but when the body cannot compensate anymore the problems begin appear. Typical symptoms that occur include: recurrent infection, colic, unexplained crying, bed wetting, earaches, childhood asthma, sleep disturbances, scoliosis, hyperactivity and impaired concentration. It is essential to have your child’s spine evaluated periodically to make sure they are in proper alignment

Sitting for extended periods of time is also unhealthy for the human spine, and school seating is less-than-desirable in terms of ergonomics! Kids also suffer from headaches, back and neck pain, and chiropractic is very effective at helping to alleviate the causes of these ailments. However, because kids heal quickly and have gone through less accumulative trauma, they do not need chiropractic care as often as adults.

When we see children for chiropractic care in our office, we always check for scoliosis or abnormal spinal curvatures. If we can spot these common problems early, we can help reduce the severity of the effects of scoliosis down the road.

Our method of adjusting children is different from that with adults. We use less force and pressure than we use on adults. What we have found is that most kids love to be adjusted and have a great time at our office.