As no two people are the same, no two people will respond to treatment in the same way. The duration for which treatment may be needed for, is dependent on a few factors. Some of those factors include:

  • The manner in which your injury occurred
  • How long your problem has been present
  • If and what kind of previous treatment you have had
  • Your body’s natural rate of healing
  • Your current health
  • Your current lifestyle
  • Your current and past exercise programmes
  • How compliant you are with possible exercises, stretches or ergonomic advice your  Chiropractor has given you

Chiropractic care is aimed at achieving 3 goals. The 1st goal is pain relief. The 2nd is to correct the joint dysfunction causing your symptoms and the 3rd is to maintain the level of improvement that has been achieved through your Chiropractic treatments. It is strongly recommended that you finish your course of treatment as advised by your Chiropractor in order to achieve all 3 goals of treatment objectives as listed above.

Like taking your car to be serviced every 10 000km, even if it seems to be running smoothly, it’s important to take yourself to get a “maintenance service” too! In most cases it is recommended every 6 months to have a spinal check up in order to pick up and treat any spinal misalignments before you experience any possible symptoms. We all do little things that may affect our alignment even without us being aware of it and it is important to address these potential issues before they become a problem. Some patients may need maintenance a little more routinely depending on their condition, but this can be discussed and determined by your Chiropractor.